Alison Day
Visual Artist, Curator, Tutor

These ten week courses provide a opportunity to learn about 35mm SLR photography . A comprehensive course covers both the use of the camera and the darkroom. The courses teaches both the theory of photography and the practical skills needed to produce qualtiy silver gelatin prints. Thus students aquire practical skills and are encouraged to broaden their knoweldge of the London Art scene and to gain an insight into the theoretical concerns of contemporary photography 

35 mm Photography for All
January 8th - March 20th 2018 
Wednesdays 5.30 p.m- 7.00p.m. 

Course covers both theorectical and practical knowledge and skills needed to be able to use an SLR camera, understand how and why the camera works. Be able to process 35mm black and white film. Be able to use a darkroom to make silver gelatin prints. 
Students need a camera and to be able to buy film ( e.g.400 ASA Ilford )  and to pay for or buy their own photograhic  paper.

A ten week course costs £100 full price or £95 concessions.

Places limited.  Classes are held in the artists studio. Enrolment required. For info and a booking form  [email protected]